About the artwork

Love, friendship, happiness, hug, kiss, smile, family, inclusion, kindness, serenity, gratitude, innocence.

At the beginning of the pandemic, I began to create a cycle of works that would highlight what is beautiful in human relationships. What I missed in some moments or what gave me strength in others.
Simple but fundamental values to be protected for our children. And perhaps to put it back at the center of our models.
Superpowers that have often been underestimated but more powerful than those of the comics or movies we grew up with.
I hope they will accompany you with a smile for a few days in your daily life!

This is why I decided to give food for thought by applying my positive messages on posters and distributing them on the streets of my city.

Super Powers Project

40×60 cm – inch. 15,74 by 23,62
acrylic on canvas