“Take life lightly, for lightness is not superficiality, but a gliding over things from above, without letting things weigh on your heart” – Italo Calvino

Fairness, human rights and world peace are issues which, today more than ever, require profound reflection and are also very dear to me.

Contemporary art has a real ability to make us look at the world differently.

For this reason, in a light-hearted, ironic manner, in my artworks I am on a quest for a way to excite those looking at my works while making them reflect at the same time.

My artworks, inspired by American pop art and comics, share a common theme of subjects depicted in carefree, charming, playful and pleasantly joyful situations.

I do, however, always add a phrase or a slogan to these subjects that conveys a specific social message, so that the work is “light-hearted” and profound at the same time.