Corporate Art Projects

The creation of these corporate projects came about as a response to the need to pass important messages around the company, in a way that is pleasant and understandable to everyone.

Each company is an artistic project in its own right that always develops in infinite ways to satisfy every type of need and desire.


I really like dedicating myself to these projects as I believe that it is a way of conveying my work to each individual company’s component. It is as if I, too, become an integral part of the organization and of its employees’ routine.

I have, in fact, become a Christmas present, part of some important presentations and my images have been included in projects or hung on office walls. Precisely because the aim of these works is to offer a faithful representation of the spirit of the company, of its motto.

So far, I have found myself working with companies that play or have played a significant role in my life. And as a result I couldn’t be more satisfied.

Foundation FILA Museum

Benetton Foundation

Imago Mundi