FILA Museum

“Captivated by the Turin artist’s work, we decided to entrust her with creating the guiding image of our decade: a reinterpretation of the legendary FILA logo entrusted to two children, immortalised from behind, who are adding the finishing touches to the creation of an enormous F-Box mural.

Rocca will also be President of the Jury of Creative People in FILA, our contest for emerging artists.”

Project Overview

Working on the project for the FILA Museum Foundation allowed me to recall the carefree nature of that time and reflect on the concept of achievement, an integral part of the woman I am today. What’s more, visiting your museum and studying the F-Box immediately brought out my love for Pop Art and artists like Robert Indiana. So I can say that FILA and its DNA are much more a part of me than I could have thought!

I think they’re important and significant: already in the 1960s, just as Pop Art was exploding, designers like Yves Saint Laurent were drawing heavily on art history, as with the famous dress inspired by Mondrian’s paintings. Fashion has the ability to convey messages on a large scale, and this is a huge opportunity for an artist. In the past, together with a designer friend, I’d already encountered the world of fashion, but obviously the chance FILA has offered me now is a great honour.

About the artwork

Over the past year, the debate about climate change and the spread of the pandemic have brought crucial issues to the world’s attention. I’ve personally reflected a lot on how much ‘adult’ generations like mine are creating objective problems for our children. How will we be able to look at them someday? I wonder.

In this sense, my works don’t seek to be a simple representation of childhood reality, but also a warning to my peers of their responsibility. I’ve held numerous art workshops in schools and I’ve noticed that ethical and civil issues are much more deeply rooted in children than in their parents, who I met at the end of the course.

After my visit to the Foundation, I did a survey among my friends’ teenage daughters and sons and discovered that FILA is very strong among their peers: I like the idea that the F-Box logo ‘frames’ them together with their hopes and dreams.


acrylic on canvas,

creativi in fila contest Fila foundation 2020 people’s words and dreams