A great traveller and lover of art, Luciano Benetton has firmly united these two passions in the Imago Mundi project, the contemporary art collection composed of thousands of 10 x 12 cm works by established and emerging artists from many different countries.

Hosted by the Fondazione Benetton, the project will continue to grow with the goal of uniting the diversities of the world and passing on to future generations the widest possible mapping of human cultures at the start of the third millennium.

Project Overview

Imago Mundi showcases contemporary Italian art. The works of 420 artists – maestros and talented young painters, but also architects, designers, photographers, publicists, musicians, actors – brought together in the two volumes of the collection curated by Luca Beatrice to compose a vibrant and generous mosaic that criss-crosses the Bel Paese from north to south and from east to west.

Commitment, sensitivity, spirit of discovery and the courage to look ahead: with pride in an unrepeatable tradition its starting point, Praestigium is above all the extraordinary representation of a future. A new artistic, social and moral vision that Italy can and must show to the world.

About the artwork

I was selected by Luca Beatrice for Imago Mundi’s “Progetto Italia”. Therefore I had represent Italy together with other artists for the largest collection of works of art in the world.


acrylic on canvas,
10×12 cm

Wanted acrylic on canvas 2014 work to Imago Mundi project by Benetton Corporate